Going Far

if you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others“.

Changing Minds is here for the long run, and (if it isn’t already clear!) working collaboratively – and encouraging others to do the same – is a priority for us.  We want to “go far” and we want to help others “go far” as well.  That’s why partnerships are really important to us.  They provide the opportunity for likeminded people to come together and make a collective difference in our community – doing more together than can be achieved alone.

Collective Enoughness:  Together we have everything we need; it is only on our own that we experience scarcity. (Hildy Gottleib)

Partner with Changing Minds

Changing Minds seeks to partner with likeminded organisations in both the community and corporate sectors to facilitate the development and delivery of innovative special projects, programs and services.  Our partnerships fall into two categories: Service Delivery Partners and Business Development Partners.

Service Delivery Partnerships

A Service Delivery Partnership is a close, values and mission aligned relationship between Changing Minds and existing youth & community serving organisations.  Our Service Delivery Partners provide us with the professional back-up required when developing and launching our own initiatives and for working collaboratively to deliver programs. This can include developing or adapting programs for delivery in the community, assisting with testing and adaptation of new solutions or the provision of professional support/case management for young people who may be program participants.

With a focus on prevention and early intervention, we aim to actively empower our community to address youth mental health, from the ground up; supporting the development of innovative, contextualised initiatives that are clinically-informed, lead to the creation of new movements, collectives and approaches and that catalyse cross-sector collaboration.

As a part of our business development strategy, Changing Minds is developing new solutions, and importing and adapting existing cutting-edge programs from around the globe. Providing the community with skills and tools that can be used to address youth mental health and other issues from prevention and early intervention perspectives and that can be simply implemented by different sectors within the community.

Service Delivery Partners work closely with the Changing Minds team in mutually beneficial relationships that, most importantly, also benefit the community.  Partnerships can be short term, project based, or result in a long term and ongoing relationship.

Please Contact Us to learn more about Service Delivery Partnerships and current opportunities.

Business Development Partnerships

In a similar way to our Service Delivery Partners, Business Development Partners also work with Changing Minds in mutually beneficial relationships, supporting the development and delivery of special programs and projects.  These special projects form part of Changing Minds business development strategy and usually involve the development of mission aligned, mental health related products and solutions for delivery to the Singapore and global marketplace. Projects could include supporting the development of tech solutions through the provision of in-kind support and assisting with the testing and delivery of new programs and initiatives.  Changing Minds is open to discussing any opportunities for the development of a Business Development Partnership.

Current projects under development through Business Development Partnerships inc:

  • Development of an innovative mobile app supporting the delivery of simple cost effective mentoring programs.
  • In-house implementation of an online training platform for delivery of Changing Minds’ staff and volunteer training programs.
  • Procurement of niche solutions and interventions developed around the globe and adapted for the local context for delivery in partnership with relevant organisations.

Please Contact Us to discuss Business Development Partnerships.

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