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The Changing Minds team has 20 years of international consulting experience, working with individuals, collectives and large and small community serving organisations. We utilise strengths based, ABCD principles, to provide the support needed to overcome obstacles, more effectively use existing resources, develop strategy, refine processes and develop and improve programs, projects and services.

Whilst there is no “typical” consultation process Changing Minds applies a combination of interactive tools, techniques and creative approaches to deliver a tailored consultation process that is guaranteed to engage your staff and equip you to meet your goals, deliver on your objectives, engage better with your constituents and increase the capacity of your team and organisation to implement pro-mental health approaches and meet future challenges head on.

  • Individuals and Grassroots Collectives: Prioritising young people in the 16 to 30 age group, we deliver built for purpose guided mentoring programs to help you get started, create a project roadmap, overcome obstacles or connect with others doing similar things, access skills based training specific to your goals and receive support from expert professional mentors.
  • Organisations: Tailored, outcome focused consultation services to meet your organisational need.

Tailored, Solution Focused Processes

Changing Minds consultancy services are tailored to suit the specific needs and objectives of the people we are working with, and so every consultation will look a bit different.  However, a consultation may involve a combination of the following processes:

  • Leadership Engagement – Getting to know your organisation, vision, mission and objectives and understanding the issues and challenges faced and determine the scope of the consultation.
  • Asset Auditing – Engaging key staff and leadership in an asset mapping workshop, identifying in detail the broad, existing resources available to the organisation.
  • Issue Mapping and Systems Thinking Workshops – Diving into the detail of the consultancy objectives and guiding key staff through an interactive process of identifying challenges and issues and facilitating the development of a “solution bank”.
  • Service and Program Design Workshops – Interactive workshops geared towards using what you already have to develop effective, innovative new programs and services.
  • Community Engagement – Identifying the make up of your community – e.g. constituents, beneficiaries, stakeholders etc – and designing and delivering a community engagement strategy utilising “world cafe” type engagement events, assisting with delivery of community surveys, or facilitating stakeholder workshops to better understand your community’s needs and expectations and enabling the incorporation of the voices, stories and opinions of your community into your decision making processes.
  • Strategy Workshops – Using the results of other aspects of the consultancy process to guide leadership and key staff through the process of developing a clear, simple strategic road map for achieving objectives – this could be small scale and related to delivery of particular programs, services or activities through to a large scale, whole of organisation strategic plan.
  • Outcomes & Impact Measurement – Assisting organisations to simply and effectively implement outcomes and impact measurement and reporting systems, including provision of access to our digital data collection, analysis and reporting system that can be utilised to simplify the whole process.
  • Training – Upskilling of staff through delivery of mental health related training as professional development for staff and/or delivery of skills based training in social innovation, enterprise and service and program design for staff.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you or click HERE to book a consultation with our CEO, Andrew, to discuss your needs further. No job too small or too big.

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