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What is the "Treatment Gap"?

The Treatment Gap is a representation of the median time it takes a young person first experiencing mental health symptoms to first seek professional support. In Singapore this gap currently ranges from 4 to 11 years.

Reducing the treatment gap is critical but overshadowed by recent reports claiming three quarters of young people currently experiencing mental health symptoms will never seek help. This highlights the important role community level pro-mental health & wellbeing initiatives can play in averting the need for clinical support altogether, and in providing early, responsive care & information for young people experiencing more complex issues, enabling them to seek help earlier, thus reducing the treatment gap.


We Work at the Community Level

Changing Minds is a Youth and Community Development organisation, not a provider of clinical or social support services.  Our approach is focused on level 1 & 2 in our Model of Community and informed and directed by principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).

This translates into a dedicated focus on:

  • Solutions rather than problems
  • Supporting community driven innovation, initiatives and approaches and;
  • Playing a role in increasing community capacity; unlocking the potential we are convinced exists in every community.  Potential to use the things they already have – their assets – to innovate and create, to collaborate and to take responsibility for finding solutions to the issues that matter to them the most, playing a significant role in bringing about lasting social good.

Informed and Directed by the Community

Our objectives are community focused and directed and delivered in the form of programs of:

  • Consultation – With and for the community
  • Youth and Community Engagement
  • Cutting edge, skills based training programs focusing on social innovation, design and enterprise and mental health & wellbeing.
  • Innovation

In this way we influence the achievement of the best possible outcomes for all young people, especially those experiencing or at risk of developing mental health & wellbeing issues and before these issues seriously impact their health, relationships, employment and overall quality of life.

Operationally this is reflected in the “5 Cs” of Changing Minds

We Believe

Our Strategic Goals are

  • To reduce the median “treatment gap” that exists (currently between 4 & 11 years) between the time a young person begins experiencing mental health symptoms and they first seek professional help.
  • To prioritise prevention & early intervention approaches, thus significantly reducing, and in some cases, eliminating altogether, the need for further clinical assistance for young people experiencing mild or situational mental health stressors.

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