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The Good People - Social Innovation & Design Program Now Open for Registrations

Starting 16th November 2021
Online 5 week program including self-paced modules and live coaching sessions

Make change that matters.

Big, pressing social issues aren’t hard to find in today’s world. From the looming problems of climate change and growing inequality to more immediate crises in areas such as mental health, homelessness and race relations, the need for action to instigate positive change in our society is clear. By building your skillset as a designer and innovator, you can learn to better understand complex problems and to collaborate with others to make meaningful progress on issues that matter.

Find out more and register HERE.  Applications for scholarships are open, find out more HERE

About us

The Catalyst for Community Change

Changing Minds is a 100% volunteer led, non-profit youth and community development organisation.  We work from the ground up to support individual “operatives”, grassroots collectives, social enterprise and community organisations, to be more effective in making lasting change possible. We primarily focus on providing services that support the development and implementation of initiatives and approaches that address youth mental health and wellbeing from a prevention and early intervention perspective.  We help to unlock the community’s existing potential through providing access to the skills and support required to bring about lasting, meaningful community transformation.

It all starts with a focus on what’s strong, not what’s wrong!

Our delivery strategy and practice is informed by principles of Asset Based Community Development, exemplified in a “ground up”, solution focused community empowering approach that increases capacity within the community, fosters inter-sectorial collaboration and achieves long term community transformation.

Our services are focussed on supporting the community to be proficient in creating lasting change from the ground up, through the provision of accessible consultation and mentoring services supporting project and service design and development, organisational development and the delivery of cutting edge social innovation, enterprise and design training programs, primarily for young people aged 18 to 30, but also for older people engaging in the change making space.

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For a community that knows how to actively address, support and genuinely care about the mental health and wellbeing of all young people.

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Our services are specifically designed to increase community capacity, foster collaboration and catalyse innovation.

Community Engagement

Creating opportunities for existing organisations and grassroots operators to engage with their community, to better understand the community’s need...

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Driving innovation through researching, importing, adapting and developing in house, cutting edge solutions for addressing youth mental health and sup...

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Delivery of program, service and enterprise design and development consultation services to grassroots individuals and collectives through to the form...

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Delivery of a carefully curated suite of applicable, cutting edge social innovation, enterprise, design and innovation & mental health related tra...

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